Travelling to Oxford


The Oxford railway station is connected to London via direct services from London Paddington and London Marylebone. There are direct connections to Birmingham, Reading, Didcot, Southampton and Bristol. To plan your railway travel in the UK, visit the National Rail website.

For additional route suggestions, visit Seat 61. This website can suggest routes connecting mainland Europe to the UK via train and ferry services.


The central bus station in Oxford is Gloucester Green Station, which is very close to Worcester College.

The Oxford Tube runs a frequent and direct service between Oxford and London.

The National Express bus line offers further connections from major cities in the UK to Oxford.

Megabus provides a low cost coach service on certain routes within the UK, including connections to Oxford.



Birmingham airport connects to Oxford via direct train. You will board from Birmingham International Railway Station and travel to Oxford railway station.


London has six major airports: London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton, London Stansted and London Southend.

Oxford Bus Company’s Airline service operates direct bus shuttles between Heathrow and Oxford, as well as from Gatwick and Oxford. Connections between Heathrow and Oxford are very regular (every 20-30 minutes), whereas the Gatwick connection is more infrequent (usually every hour).

London Stansted connects to London Liverpool Station by train. After an additional connection, you can then reach London Paddington or London Marylebone stations which connect to Oxford railway station.

The National Express bus line connects London Luton and Oxford, though connections are infrequent.

Those traveling from London Southend and London City can take trains from London Marylebone or London Paddington to reach Oxford railway station or can take the Oxford Tube bus which departs from various locations in London.


At the entrance of Worcester College, you will find the Porter’s lodge. The porters can direct you to any relevant site, including accommodation and conference rooms.

A map of Worcester College is available online:

For any accessibility needs or questions regarding conference attendance, please contact us.